Case Studies

Small Business Owners

Mr and Mrs F were our clients from 16 years ago. They owned/operated a rural business as well as working. They had built up their assets and then decided to sell their farm as part of their retirement planning. They worked with us and their accountant to utilise tax concessions, preserving their proceeds,  which now provides for both their retirement incomes.

Small Business Owners #2

Mr and Mrs M have been clients for the last 11 years. They run a large trade-based business, and for many years had neglected putting money aside for the future. We outlined some tax effective strategies to growth their wealth, while also paying down their mortgage. Through some business downturns and scares, we were able to maintain their assets and keep them on track for retirement. They both now have large amounts of savings set aside for the day they retire.


Pre-Retirement Clients

Mr & Mrs G came to us 15 years ago, concerned that they wouldn’t be able to pay off their home and have enough money set aside for retirement. We set up a comprehensive financial strategy – putting money aside for the future, protecting the family, and paying off debt.

We continued to meet each year reviewing all aspects of their finances. 

10 years later we sold some investments to pay out their mortgage, and continued working to improve their finances for the future.

They now have enough assets set aside to retire comfortably on their desired retirement income. They have decided to ‘enjoy’ life a little more, reduced work hours and plan to ease into retirement.


Young Professionals

Mr R and Ms A came to us in 2019 and have recently enjoyed strong growth in the value of their home on the back of a strong property market. Both had good incomes and had accumulated assets that were growing nicely with around 10 years of compounding returns. We analysed their situation, and confirmed that they had the cashflow available to do more with their money. Mr R and Ms A were not aware that their existing fund held investments in tobacco as well as oil and gas companies. 

A few years into the relationship we started directly managing their finances, placing them in investments that better reflected their personal beliefs but were still able to achieve strong returns.

Using the strategies that we have employed, Mr R and Ms A are on track to retire in their 50s (if they want to) and are now set up for a stress free financial future, and are enjoying life.

Warning: The Case Studies provided are illustrative only and are not an estimate of the investment returns you will receive or fees and costs that you will incur.